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  Synergy Neo2 Cytation C10 Cytation 7 Cytation 5 Synergy H1 Cytation 1 Synergy HTX Synergy LX
Key Features                
UV-Vis Absorbance
Monochromator-based Fluorescence      
Variable bandwidth monochromators      
Filter-based Fluorescence    
Fluorescence Top/Bottom top only top only
Dual PMT Read Head              
Filtered Luminescence    
TRF & TR-FRET     (secondary mode)  
Laser TRF & TR-FRET              
Fluorescence Polarization        
Standard AlphaLISA/Alpha Screen              
Laser AlphaLISA/Alpha Screen            
BioStack Compatible  
BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator compatible      
BenchCel Microplate Handler compatible          
General Technical Details                
Microplate types 1 to 1536 1 to 1536 1 to 384 1 to 384 1 to 384 1 to 384 1 to 384 6 to 384
Gas Controller Compatible      
Barcode Reader option *              
Take3 Plate Compatible
Temperature Control to 65°C to 45°C to 45°C to 65°C to 45°C to 45°C to 50°C  
Peltier Cooling Module          
Condensation Control  
Fluorescence Bandwidth Mono: variable, 3 nm to 50 nm Mono: variable from 9 nm to 50 nm Mono: variable from 9 nm to 50 nm Mono: variable from 9 nm to 50 nm Mono: 16 nm Filter dependent Filter dependent Filter dependent

Features shown may vary by instrument configuration. Check individual product specifications for details.

Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory test values.