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Compare Microplate Washers

Compare washers with the chart below or contact us to speak with a representative.


  EL406 Washer Dispenser MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser 405 TS Washer 405 LS Washer ELx405 Select Deep Well Washer 50 TS Washer
  EL406 MultiFlo FX 405 TS 405 LS ELx405 50 TS
6-, 12-, 24-, 48-well Microplates          
96-well Microplates
384-well Microplates
96-/384- Deep Well          
1536-well Microplate          
24-well Microplates          
Full Microplates
Strip Microplates        
Vacuum Filtration    
Biomagnetic Separation    
Dual-Action Manifold    
Ultrasonic Advantage    
Verify Technology        
Optimized Cell Washing
BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator compatible    
BioStack Compatible  
LHC Compatible
Touch Screen UI      
USB Flash Drive Port