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  MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser MicroFill Dispenser EL406 Washer Dispenser
  MultiFlo FX MicroFill EL406
User Interface Color touchscreen 2x24 LCD 2x24 LCD
Volume Range 500 nL to 3000 µL 5 µL to 6 mL 1 µL to 3 mL
Microplate Types 6-to 1536-well
Standard, low profile and deep well
24-, 96- and 384-well 96-, 384- and 1536-well
Standard and low profile
 Other labware supported Sample tubes Sample tubes  
 Fluid Delivery Peristaltic & syringe pumps Syringe pump Peristaltic & syringe pumps
 Autoclavable Fluid Path
 Number of Reagents 1-4 1 14
 LHC Software compatible  
Modules available      
 RAD for mapped individual well dispense    
 AMX for 2D,3D cell structure media exchange    
 Wash module  
 BioStack compatible
 BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator compatible  
 3rd Party automation compatible  
Processing Speed      
   10 µL, 96-well Microplate 3 sec 4 sec 1 sec
   5 µL, 384-well Microplate 6 sec 7 sec 9 sec
   1µL, 1536-well Microplate 21 sec   23 sec


Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory test values.