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ELx405 Select Deep Well Washer

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BenchCel Microplate Handler

BenchCel Microplate Handler

The Agilent BenchCel microplate handler is a compact, automated system that can be integrated with a variety of Agilent BioTek instrumentation. For liquid handling, the MultiFlo FX multimode dispenser, EL406 washer dispenser, 405TS and LS washers and ELx405 deep well washers can be combined. Detection instruments, including the Cytation 5 cell imaging multimode reader, Synergy Neo2 multimode reader, Synergy H1 hybrid multimode reader, and Epoch 2 microplate spectrophotometer can also be added. In addition, the BenchCel is compatible with a wide range of microplates including deep-well plates. The combined automated workflows enable a wide variety of applications.

BioStack Microplate Stacker

BioStack Microplate Stacker

BioStack is a compact and versatile microplate stacker compatible with BioTek’s washers, dispensers, detectors and imaging systems. BioStack offers rapid plate exchange speeds to increase throughput and enhance productivity, accommodating assay workflows both with and without plate lids. BioStack models equipped with a rotational gripper allow ergonomically friendly instrument panel access and compact integration positioning


The ELx405 Select Deep Well Washer has extensive onboard software, accessed through the intuitive menu-driven interface. Program all aspects of the system’s wash and maintenance parameters, quickly and easily and store them onboard for routine use.


LHC Software allows computer-based programming of multi-step processes and it is used for integrating BioTek’s multi-mode washer dispensers, washers and dispensers into robotic systems. You can operate the system under computer control via LHC, or create protocols in LHC and download to the instrument for recall and execution.

LHC Secure software offers features to facilitate compliance to FDA directive 21 CFR Part 11 with computer control of BioTek’s Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers, Washers and Dispensers.

LHC SiLA software driver enables BioTek washer and dispenser integration into SiLA compliant automated systems. Includes LHC software for computer control and third party integration of BioTek’s Multi-Mode Washer Dispensers, Washers and Dispensers.

Gen5 and LHC Sample Files 

Agilent BioTek Gen5 and LHC software are used to drive the range of Agilent BioTek microplate readers, imagers and liquid handling devices.  Below you will find a current list of sample files for both Gen5 and LHC.  These sample files include Gen5 experiment (.xpt) and protocol (.prt) files as well as LHC protocol (.lhc) files.  Plate definition, filter cube and imaging objective files (.xml) are also listed below for use in Gen5.  Expand the section you are interested in and click on the link to directly download the relevant file.




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