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The BioTek ELx405 Select is the first deep well plate washer that aspirates and dispenses into 96- and 384-well deep well and standard height microplates. The ELx405 Select is available in several configurations to address a wide variety of plate washing applications, including ELISA and cell-based assays. Maintenance is easy with the available patented Ultrasonic Advantage that automates and cleans manifold tubes to remove built-up salt and protein.


The ELx405 Select is designed for applications that typically require washing deep well blocks, such as serum and plasma prep workflows. It goes beyond these specialized applications, though.  The ELx405 Select easily handles a broad range of applications in standard 96- and 384-well plates, including sensitive cell-based assays.
  • Plasmid DNA purification
  • Serum/plasma preparation
  • Cell culture
  • Bead washing
The ELx405 Select washes 96- and 384-deep well blocks, commonly used in serum/plasma prep protocols; it can also wash standard height 96- and 384-well microplates

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for ELx405. Visit our Applications page to see more.

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Washes 96- and 384-well deep well and standard height plates

ELx405 manifold

The ELx405 Select is the premier microplate washer accommodating deep well blocks and standard height microplates, in 96- and 384-well format, without requiring specialized manifolds.

Ideal for cell culture, plasmid DNA purification and much more


Wash processes used in cell culture and plasmid DNA preparation are automated with the ELx405 Select – there’s no need for specialized instrumentation. ELx405 Select can also process magnetic and polystyrene bead protocols, making it a versatile plate washer for many laboratories

Cell culture

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