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The BioTek 405 TS washer has an excellent reputation in life science research for outstanding results in many applications. The 405 TS has a unique set of features designed to efficiently wash cell-based assays, microsphere-based assays, and ELISA applications. Programming and operation via the touchscreen interface is intuitive and simple. The patented Verify technology automatically checks for manifold tube blockages before a wash cycle, and Ultrasonic Advantage automatically cleans any blocked manifold tubes. These functions save time and eliminate frustration while ensuring successful results.


Microplate washing is far from routine when the 405 TS is used. Beyond standard dispense/aspirate protocols, the 405 TS automates liquid handling functions for many applications, including sensitive cell-based assays.
  • Magnetic and polystyrene bead assays
  • Cell-based assays
  • MSD assay automation
  • HCS immunocytochemistry
  • Gene expression assays
  • ELISpot assays
  • Serum/plasma sample preparation
BioSpa, Cytation and 405 TS
 The 405 TS integrates with BioSpa 8 and Cytation in a fully automated live cell imaging system. The 405 TS is ideal for integration into many automation platforms to automate a broad range of application workflows.

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for 405 TS. Visit our Applications page to see more.

BioTek Field Applications Scientists (FAS) and Product Specialists provide unparalleled scientific support, assisting with experimental planning and assay optimization on BioTek’s instrumentation and software. Learn how they can help move your science forward… faster!


blue The gold standard of microplate washers

The gold standard of microplate washers

blue Cell-friendly design for high quality results

Cell-friendly design for high quality results

Cell-friendly design for high quality resultsA combination of angled dispense tubes and both highly adjustable dispense and aspiration rate settings make 405 TS the ideal washer for cell-based assays. The gentle flow rates and side-wall dispensing position ensure the integrity of cell monolayers.

blue Automate magnetic and filtration bead-based assays

Automate magnetic and filtration bead-based assays

xmapMultiplexed bead-based assays are very common, and 405 TS easily accommodates necessary wash steps. Magnet accessories for biomagnetic separation workflows, available in both flat and 4-zone ring designs, ensure high bead recovery (1). A vacuum filtration module is available for polystyrene bead assays (2).

blue Self-maintaining design with patented ultrasonic bath

Self-maintaining design with patented ultrasonic bath

Manifold tube clogs are the most common source of failure on plate washers. The built-in Ultrasonic Advantage allows the instrument to clean buildup in the manifold tube automatically, without removing it from the instrument.

blue Hands-off self-testing Verify™ Technology Option

Hands-off self-testing Verify Technology

The Verify Technology option eliminates tedious manual procedures by using an ultrasonic probe (1) to check dispense and aspirate performance. Test results are automatically displayed (2) and indicate tubes that may require additional cleaning.

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Green Mountain AntibodiesConfidence in Washing that Lasts for Generations


Green Mountain Antibodies, in Burlington, Vermont, offers a wide range of services, including hybridoma and antibody development, protein production and purification, cell culture and assay development for customers around the world. The company’s reputation for attention to detail and quality craftsmanship underscores the drive to operate at peak efficiency, and for Rogelio Zimbron, Laboratory Technician who works on protein purification and high-throughput ELISAs, this means minimizing equipment downtime and unnecessary complexity in laboratory workflows.





SILA Luminex xMAP Approval
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