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product design

Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


Digital microscopy and multi-mode detection

Combined digital microscopy and multi-mode detection
Cytation 5’s patented design enables automated digital microscopy to be combined with conventional multi-mode detection to suit a broad range of imaging and biochemical workflows. Along with Gen5 software, Cytation’s imaging module comprises Augmented Microscopy – the ability to capture>process>analyze>publish high-quality data and images, to obtain both qualitative and quantitative information on live and fixed cell imaging applications.


CO2/O2 control, incubation and shaking facilitate live cell assays

Live cell assays
Cytation 5 is well suited for live cell assays, with temperature control to 65 °C, plus linear and orbital shaking. A gas controller module is available to help regulate CO2 and O2 levels in the system for longer-term live cell requirements. A dual reagent injector provides quick inject/image capability for observing fast reactions.

Wide field of view camera for fast whole well imaging

Capture an image of an entire well with the wide FOV camera - the image at left shows an image captured in a single well of 384-well plate at 4x.  Further benefits of the wide FOV camera are fast capture speeds for large samples and statistically significant sampling for cellular population analysis.

Label-free cell counting for cell proliferation studies

Label-free cell counting
It’s fast and simple to count live cells using the available high contrast brightfield option. Higher contrast allows a direct and label-free method for object identification using Gen5 software to count cells and characterize cell proliferation in kinetic studies.


More than 20 imaging filter/LED cube colors reach many applications


BioTek has the most comprehensive selection of imaging filter and LED cubes available for use with our Lionheart and Cytation imagers. This large selection of colors enables image capture for a broad range of applications. Download our convenient Imaging Cube Selection Guide here.

Patented Hybrid optics for fluorescence detection: the sensitivity of filters and the flexibility of monochromator-based wavelength selection

Patented Technology
Cytation 5’s hybrid optical design offers filter-based fluorescence optics for high transmission and high sensitivity, while the available monochromator optics offers convenience and assay flexibility. Multiple fluorescence measurement modes include fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence and fluorescence polarization.


Variable bandwidth monochromators optimize fluorophore detection

Variable bandwidth monochromators
The bandwidths of the monochromators in Cytation 5’s fluorescence detection module are selectable from 9 nm to 50 nm, in 1 nm increments. Variable bandwidths allow you to optimize detection conditions for fluorophores that have unique excitation or emission parameters, for example, a narrow Stokes shift, to provide better performance than conventional monochromators.


100 mW Alpha Laser: Speed and performance-based excitation for Alpha assays

100 mW Alpha Laser
Laser-based excitation offers the power required to get great sensitivity and fast reading speeds, which are critical for Alpha assays.

Modular design: purchase one or more modules, update as assay requirements change

Label-free cell counting
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Cytation 5 is a modular system, with imaging optics and multi-mode optics available in a variety of configurations and upgrade paths. The separate modules ensure excellent performance in imaging and all detection modes, without compromise Choose imaging only, with available phase contrast. Or, add filter- and/or- monochromator-based fluorescence and luminescence, UV-Vis absorbance along with available laser-based Alpha detection.


Peltier Cooling Module maintains environmental stability for uncompromised assay integrity

Peltier cooling module
The Peltier Cooling Module promotes a rapid interior cool down after incubated processes, to allow efficient switching between multiple applications without unwanted temperature influences. For temperature sensitive assays typically run at ambient, or room temperature, the Cooling Module maintains environmental stability within Cytation, allowing < 1 °C rise in ambient temperature, regardless of external and internal temperature fluctuation.