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product design

BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System


Unattended workflow automation

Unattended workflow automation
BioSpa 8 handles up to 8 microplates, Petri and cell culture dishes and T25 flasks during automated processes, running up to 2 weeks. Place the labware in BioSpa’s drawers, and the gripper moves to the connected imaging, detection and liquid handlers as scheduled in the BioSpa software.


Environmental controls for live cell assays

Integrated Temp
Critical physiological conditions are maintained in BioSpa: Incubation to 45 °C, CO2/O2 control and humidity monitoring facilitate live cell processes. BioSpa software continuously records the environment conditions to ensure assay success. Customizable text and email notifications allow you to walk away from the process with confidence.


Fluorescence, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast imaging

Label-free cell counting
BioSpa 8 integration with Cytation 5 brings powerful image collection and analysis tools to the automated workflow. With six turret positions for objectives ranging from 1.25x to 60x, four channels plus brightfield, and more than 15 colors available, Cytation 5 brings unsurpassed capabilities to automated digital microscopy for many long-term live cell imaging processes.


OnDemand Mode

BioSpa on demand
For simple, efficient imaging or detection protocols, OnDemand mode allows labware to be added or removed at any time, without interrupting operations in process. Multiple users can be defined in the system and each user can visually track their own experiment’s progress on the dynamic timeline.


Advanced cell-level analysis with Gen5 Software

Kinetic live cell assay support
Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager software is available in several editions to meet the imaging and analysis requirements of many applications. From basic automated cell counting to advance capabilities including dual masks for nucleus and cytoplasm identification, Gen5 offers complete and powerful quantitative data analysis in and uncomplicated interface.


Washing and media replacement

Washing and media replacement
BioSpa 8 is compatible with BioTek’s MultiFlo FX and EL406 for plate washing and media exchange. Adding a combination washer dispenser or washer to the BioSpa 8 and Cytation integrated system provides complete automated process from sample prep through image analysis.
  • Up to 60x magnification and 4 color channels covers a range of applications
  • Single- and multi-color, montage, time lapse and automated z-stacking
  • Powerful image processing: z-projection, digital phase contrast and image stitching
  • Compact system fits in biosafety cabinet for the ultimate cell assay protection
  • Lidded plate handling, easy maintenance