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product design

Synergy LXMulti-Mode Reader


Affordable multi-mode reader

Synergy LX lab

At half the price of similar instruments, Synergy LX is the solution for labs looking for an easy to use microplate reader that offers uncompromised performance for UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence assays.


Supports common endpoint assays


Synergy LX, can run the most common assays including:

A260, A260/A280
Protein quantification
Fluorescence, luminescence
Gene expression
Cell viability

The independent optical paths ensure uncompromised performance in all modes.

Micro-volume quantification with Take3 plates


Micro-volume analysis with BioTek’s Take3 plate and Synergy LX is fast and easy, too. Pre-programmed nucleic acid and protein protocols in Synergy LX display immediate results for up to sixteen, 2 µL samples. Output results to a USB flash drive for use in downstream workflows.


Continuous UV-Vis wavelength selection: 200 nm to 999 nm

Gen5 quick a

The broad, filter-free wavelength range for absorbance measurements enables many common colorimetric and UV applications, from nucleic acid and protein quantification to turbidity measurements and more.


High performance, high blocking filters for fluorescence and luminescence

Filter Cube

There’s no compromise on performance in Synergy LX. The high quality filters, coupled with dichroic mirrors in the Synergy LX filter cubes efficiently block background to ensure the best sensitivity for fluorescence measurements.


Touchscreen: Easy operation, immediate data display


It takes only a few touches to select and run your assay. The data is displayed immediately after the run – a color gradient helps to quickly visualize the data range.


Output to USB flash drive, printer or Gen5 Software


With one touch, export data to a USB flash drive for analysis in BioTek’s Gen5 software or a spreadsheet application.