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Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Reader


Synergy 2 is a modular instrument. Read modes and options are available as individual configurations at the time of purchase, allowing you to make the best use of your budget. In addition, existing units can be upgraded later when your research requirements expand.

Synergy™ 2 Custom Configurations
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Module Description
S Synergy 2 base model.  Includes temperature control to 65ºC, Shaking, and Gen5™.
L Luminescence
F Fluorescence Intensity top and bottom, Alpha detection.  Includes Tungsten-Halogen light source.
P Fluorescence Polarization.  Requires F module.
T Time-Resolved Fluorescence.  Requires F module.  Includes high energy DPR Xenon Flash Lamp.
A UV-Visible Absorbance (monochromator-based).  Includes SQ Xenon Flash Lamp.
D Dual Reagent Dispenser

Red shifted PMT (900nm) option available instead of standard low noise PMT (700 nm).
3 mm diameter bottom fiber options available instead of standard 5 mm bottom fiber.