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Cytation Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation Multi-Mode readers offer modularity to meet your laboratory's present workflows, and are upgradable to meet future requirements. UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection are available detection modes, and you can add fluorescence microscopy to expand the range of applications in a single instrument.  The included Gen5™ software is designed for uncomplicated data collection and processing for even the most complex assays.



Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers are uniquely designed to support applications across automated digital microscopy and conventional multi-mode detection. Here we highlight a few key application areas.

Standard curves compared
Standard curves compared; Cytation 5 and Synergy HTX AlphaLISA assay

Fluorescence polarization
Fluorescence polarization: Human serum albumin and tryptophan

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Cytation. Visit our Applications page to see more.