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product design

ELx808 Absorbance Reader


4-Zone incubation

Unique heated track and carrier design minimizes evaporation and edge effect. Proven design is optimal for temperature sensitive applications like endotoxin analysis.

Fast kinetics, plus endpoint and linear well scanning

With measurements as fast as 6 seconds, ELx808 is ideal for fast kinetic assays. Linear well scanning collects multiple data points across the well for applications such as agglutination studies.

Optical design eliminates crosstalk

The multi-channel, staggered optics design of the ELx808 virtually eliminates channel-to-channel crosstalk.

Extensive data analysis with available Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software

For data collection and powerful quantitative and qualitative analysis, the available Gen5 software offers intuitive protocol creation and flexible reporting and exporting functions.