product design

Take3 Micro-Volume Plates



BioCell™ capacity 2
2 µL sample capacity Take3: 16
Take3 Trio: 48
Cuvette capacity Take3: 1
Take3 Trio: n/a
Compatible readers Take3: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy 2, Synergy H1, Synergy Neo 2, Synergy HTX, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3
Take3 Trio: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Synergy Neo 2, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3


Optical pathlength 0.5 mm (nominal)
Detection limit 2 ng/µL dsDNA
Gen5 software interface Take3 and Take3 Trio are available in Gen5™ Data Analysis Software with preprogrammed protocols for nucleic acid and protein quantification.
Predefined applications
  • Nucleic acid and protein quantification
  • In-situ fluorometric protein quantification
  • 260/280 and 260/230 protein purity measurements
  • Very low volume in-situ BCA assay
  • Spectral scan of single or multiple low volume samples
Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory test values.

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