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Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader

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BioTek Synergy H1 is a modular multimode microplate reader, with monochromator-based optics and filter-based optics. The patented Hybrid Technology offers flexibility and sensitivity across a broad range of applications. The modular platform allows upgrading to expand functionality as your laboratory workflows change. Synergy H1 offers continuously variable bandwidth monochromators for fluorescence excitation and emission wavelength selection. Fluorescence bandwidth can be set between 9 and 50 nm, in 1 nm increments, allowing users to fully optimize reader settings to drive the best assay performance compared to fixed bandwidth systems.


With quadruple variable bandwidth monochromators and optional gas control and reagent injection, Synergy H1 can be used for a wide range of applications in fluorescence, luminescence, UV-Vis and more.
H1 yeast
Effect of increasing levels of ethanol on yeast growth
HTRF® ratios for AMD3011 and SDF1-alpha
Micro-volume (2 µL) quantification of up to 48 samples with Take3 Plate

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for Synergy H1. Visit our Applications page to see more.

BioTek Field Applications Scientists (FAS) and Product Specialists provide unparalleled scientific support, assisting with experimental planning and assay optimization on BioTek’s instrumentation and software. Learn how they can help move your science forward… faster!


green box Hybrid plate reader: Flexibility and performance

Hybrid plate reader: Flexibility and performance

With its patented combination of monochromator and filter optics, Synergy H1 is an advanced plate reader
that delivers both the flexibility and performance you need for any microplate assay in your lab.

Monochromator: variable bandwidth, absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence
Filters: fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence

green box Upgradable to meet future application needs

Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

Synergy H1’s modular design allows you to start with what you need now, and add detection modes, gas control and dual reagent injectors as your laboratory’s workflows evolve.

green box Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

Advanced microscopy: Unlimited possibilities

Synergy H1 offers quad monochromator optics with variable bandwidth. The bandwidth can be set between 9 nm and 50 nm, in 1 nm increments. Large bandwidths (1) provide increased sensitivity and lower limits of detection. Small bandwidths (2) provide increased specificity when multiple signals are present, reducing crosstalk and enhancing assay performance.

green box Automated z-focus: best performance with all plate types Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate
(1) Without automated z-focus available, performance at low volumes is affected. (2) With automated z-focus, reading height is precisely adjusted for best performance in all plate types and all volumes.

green box Extended dynamic range

Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate
Synergy H1 offers an extended dynamic range, which allows detection of signals across a 7 log measurement range. Other systems can measure only small portions of the dynamic range of Synergy H1 using preset gains – this can cause reduced sensitivity on the low end or saturated signals on the high end of the assay signal range.

green box Environmental controls for cell-based assays

Environmental controls for cell-based assays
Temperature control to 70 °C, CO2/O2 control and condensation control and shaking create the ideal environment for live cell assay workflows. A consistent environment leads to consistent data for long-term kinetic assays.

green box Dual syringe injectors with specialized tips

Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate
1) The robust precise dual syringe design eliminates the need for regular tubing replacement required by some peristaltic injector designs. Synergy H1 offers two tip types: (2) the straight tips enable vigorous mixing for rapid inject/read assays, and (3) the angled tip option won’t disturb cell layers for applications such as calcium kinetics.

green box  Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate 

Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate
Enable micro-volume analysis with the Synergy H1, using the Take3 Plate. Measure up to 16 or 48
samples in one run and save a lot of time, compared to single-sample devices. Gen5 has customizable
protocols for ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and protein quantification in 2 µL.


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SwanseaBiocontrol of Invertebrate Pests Using Natural Agents: Investigating Host-Pathogen Interactions with the BioTek Synergy H1


Biocontrol agents provide a safer alternative to chemical pesticides and insecticides for the agricultural and forestry industries, as well as human health. In this video, Dr Bethany Greenfield, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the Biocontrol and Natural Products (BANP) Group at Swansea University, describes her research into the use of Metarhizium anisopliae for the control of mosquitoes. Hear how the BioTek Synergy H1 enables the group to efficiently perform a range of analyses, from protein quantification to measuring insect stress response.




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