Alpha Detection

Alpha assays are trademark proximity assay platforms from PerkinElmer, Inc. The bead-based methods requires powerful excitation to produce a cascade of acceptor bead emission wavelengths.

TRF and Alpha laser options available with dual PMT system in Synergy™ Neo2. Lasers deliver more energy over less time compared to traditional light sources. They allow faster and more sensitive detection. This allows increasing daily throughput and increasing signal to background on challenging assays.

Assay principal for AlphaScreen® SureFire®  STAT3 assay
Assay principal for AlphaScreen® SureFire® STAT3 assay

Key Alpha assays that require a TRF laser:

  • Cisbio HTRF assay
  • Perkin Elmer Lance and Delfia
  • Thermo LanthaScreen
  • Other TR-FRET assays

Alpha assays that require an Alpha laser:

  • Perkin Elmer Alpha, AlphaLISA, AlphaPlex and Surefire assays


Alpha Detection is available in: