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Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader

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Gen5 Microplate Reader and Imager Software controls Cytation 7 for automated image capture, processing, analysis and development of publication-ready images and data. This imaging and microscopy automation represents BioTek’s Augmented Microscopy™ - the simplified, automated process to accomplish multiple microscopy steps in a single platform. Gen5 is available in several editions to meet the image analysis requirements across a range of applications.

Gen5 Image+ offers complete imaging control for Cytation 7, and provides image processing and analysis including z-projection, image stitching, hitpicking and digital phase contrast.

Gen5 Image Prime controls Cytation 7, including more expansive image processing and analysis: Z-projection, image stitching, hitpicking and digital phase contrast, plus advanced features including secondary mask, dynamic thresholding and subpopulation analysis.

Gen5 Secure editions add features to help ensure compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Gen5 add-on modules provide increased functionality for specific applications or analyses, such as Spot Counting.

AutoROI Module

The AutoROI module for Gen5 Image+ and Gen5 Image Prime is a toolset that enables users to automatically identify Regions of Interest (ROIs) to improve workflows such as slide scanning. Low magnification scans automatically detect and identify ROIs which are then automatically scanned at a higher magnification.


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