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Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader

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BioTek Cytation 7 cell imaging multimode reader combines automated digital upright and inverted widefield microscopy with conventional multimode microplate reading. Cytation 7 includes continually variable bandpass monochromators for versatility and performance for general multimode plate reader applications. The inverted microscopy module provides sample visualization and the upright microscopy module with reflected light imaging enables even more applications, including ELISpot and fast slide scanning. Cytation 7 is controlled by Gen5 software, which combines ease-of-use with powerful processing and analysis capabilities.

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Cytation 7’s inverted microscope provides 1.25x to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield and color brightfield, while the upright microscope enables several other common applications. Here are some of the many applications for this unique imaging and multi-mode detection system:  
Live Cell Proliferation and Viability
Application Guide

Live Cell Proliferation and Viability

Using ELISpot to Monitor Stimulation
of PBMCs Visual Abstract


green box Multimode plate reader with sophisticated imaging

Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging

Cytation 7 includes both upright and inverted microscopy optics which opens up a wide range of cellular and reflected light applications that cannot be performed on a standard plate reader. Information on cell morphology, localization of signal, cell count, object identification and quantification can be obtained with Cytation 7’s imaging modes. The monochromator plate reader optics allows running all of the standard plate reader assays.

green box Cytation 7: Ready for any assay

Cytation 7 Ready for Any Assay

With its combination of hybrid plate reader and advanced microscopy mode, Cytation is truly ready for any assay. Contact us to learn how Cytation can transform your lab and greatly increase your productivity.

green box Comprehensive imaging solution

Comprehensive Imaging Solution

Cytation 7’s inverted microscopy module supports fluorescence, brightfield and color brightfield from 1.25x to 60x to analyze both large objects and intracellular details.
Cytation 7’s upright reflected light imaging module enables a broad range of applications such as ELISpot, colony counting, material inspection, and much more.

green box Hit-picking: Multimode detection + imaging saves time and data storage

Hit-picking: Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage

(1) Plate reader quickly identifies GFP positive wells.
(2) Only GFP positive wells are imaged, saving both time and computer memory.

green box ELISpot imaging

ELISpot Imaging

Cytation 7’s upright imaging module can be used to automate assays such as ELISpot in which cell secretions are rendered visible through the use of a colorimetric reaction. Cytation 7 fully automates imaging acquisition, processing, image analysis and object count.

green box Powerful functionality with ROI identification feature

Powerful functionality with ROI identification feature

Cytation 7 and Gen5 software facilitate ROI identification. Cytation 7 scans samples at low magnification before prompting the user to identify regions of interest to be imaged at high magnification. This greatly accelerates the process of imaging ROIs in batches of complex microscopic samples.


green box  Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity

The plate reader optics of Cytation uses a quad monochromator design with variable bandwidth. The bandwidth can be set anywhere between 9 and 50 nm in 1 nm increment. Large bandwidth settings (1) provide increased sensitivity and lower limits of detection. Small bandwidth settings (2) provide increased specificity when multiple signals are present, which reduces signal crosstalk and enhances assay performance.

green box Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate

Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate

Turn your Cytation 7 into a microvolume analysis system with Take3 or Take3 Trio. You can run 16 or 48 samples in one run to save a lot of time compared to single-sample devices. Gen5 is pre-programmed for ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and protein quantification in 2 μL.

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