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product design

BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System


BioSpa SoftwareBioSpa Software controls all aspects of the BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator, including temperature and gas control and monitoring, along with humidity monitoring. The software features customizable text or email notifications and alerts, relieving the need for onsite monitoring. For imaging- or detection-only processes, the new OnDemand mode allows simple, efficient processing of multiple plates, including the ability to add and remove plates at any time. OnDemand also enables multiple-user profile definition and color-coded plate locations for easy workflow tracking. OnDemand’s dynamic timeline and environmental recording gives all users visual confirmation of system and operations progress. BioSpa software communicates with Gen5 and LHC software to control integrated imaging, detection and liquid handling instruments. To learn more about BioSpa software see the BioSpa video.