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product design

BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System


Five imaging modes

The variety of imaging modes enable an astonishing range of microscopy applications, within a single, compact system. Automate workflows for up to 8 microplates or other labware, including cell culture dishes, flasks and microscope slides.


Broad magnification range

1.25x to 60x
Capture the level of detail you need, from whole well montage to intracellular detail with 1.25x to 60x objectives available. The automated, 6-position turret makes it simple to capture multiple magnifications in a single workflow.


Environmental controls

Integrated temp
Successful long term live cell assays rely on a controlled environment to keep cells healthy and aid proliferation. BioSpa has integrated temperature and CO2/O2 control and monitoring, plus humidity monitoring to protect cells during kinetic runs that last days or weeks.


Automated objective turret

Turret with objectives
To efficiently view a variety of samples at a range of magnifications, install up to 6 objectives on the automated turret, and capture images automatically, within a single experiment.


3D cell culture

Kinetic live cell assay support
Gen5 software has powerful z-stacking capabilities to capture the important details of a 3D cell structure. Z-projection and image analysis provides in-depth information about the spheroid. Z-stacking montage capability brings powerful processing for 3D biologies.


Patented laser autofocus

Provides increased reproducibility and speed, while decreasing phototoxic and photobleaching effect. Learn more about Laser Autofocus on the Technology Page.


Advanced cell-level analysis

Washing and media replacement
Powerful tools like nuclear and cytoplasmic masking define critical, information-rich regions of interest for automated, detailed cellular analysis.