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Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit

Part Number: 1980001

For use with: Cell Count & Viability App, Lionheart FX, Cytation 5

Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit


BioTek’s Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit includes everything a researcher needs to count cells and measure viability in a mammalian cell suspension using a phase contrast-equipped BioTek  Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader or a Lionheart™ Automated Imager. The Kit saves time and increases data quality by automating the tedious and error-prone process of mammalian cell counting.

Each Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit includes:

  • The Cell Count & Viability App software: Pre-defined protocols automatically calculate count and % live/dead
  • 50 disposable counting slides, 2 samples per slide
  • Slide holder for up to 4 counting slides, 8 samples total
  • 1.5mL vial of 0.4% Trypan blue for staining dead cells (vial included in box of disposable counting slides)

1320015Other available accessories for cell count & viability workflows include:
  • PN 02853 - Box of 50 disposable counting slides w/ 1.5mL vial of 0.4% Trypan blue
  • PN 1980500S - Spare 4-position counting slide holder
  • PN 1983001 - Re-usable cell counting slide w/ 2 coverslips
  • PN 1980503  - Single position re-usable cell counting chamber holder


Product Video:

Cell COuntThe Cell Count & Viability App is designed to automate hemocytometer based counting of suspended mammalian cells using phase contrast imaging with BioTek imagers.



green box All-inclusive kit

 All-inclusive kit guarantees setup in minutes with no training required

Simple setup in minutes with no training required. The kit includes everything you need to get started with automated cell counting, used with a BioTek Cytation or Lionheart imager equipped with phase contrast imaging. (1) 50 disposable cell counting slides, (2) 4-slide holder, (3) cell counting software app, (4) quick start guide.

green box  Higher quality data

Higher quality data

Manual cell counting is tedious and prone to errors. Automating the cell counting process removes human error and increases data quality.

green box  Fast cell count for up to 8 samples per batch

Fast cell count for up to 8 samples per batch

The kit includes an adapter to hold 1-4 cell counting slides, enabling counts and analysis for up to 8 samples per run. 

green box  Automatic % live/dead calculation

Automatic % live/dead calculation using trypan blue stain

The kit includes trypan blue stain to stain dead cells. Once stained and imaged, the software app automatically calculates the live/dead cell percentage.

green box  Built-in dilution calculator

Built-in Dilution Calculator facilitates downstream applications

The Cell Count & Viability App includes a calculator to automatically determine how much sample and media are required to reach a desired cell concentration, to facilitate downstream applications. 

green box  Reusable counting slide option

Re-usable counting slide available as a convenient option

The reusable counting slide and its holder are convenient options for use with the software app, as an eco-friendly alternative to disposables. It’s easy to clean for repeated use. 


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