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product design


BioTek offers many peripheral products and accessories to expand imaging, detection, washing or dispensing functionality of your BioTek instrument. Application starter kits are designed for rapid implementation of a specific assay type.  Peripherals, accessories and application starter kits are compatible with several different instruments to meet many different laboratory requirements.

  • Peripherals


    BioTek’s peripheral products help to expand your BioTek instrument applications and improve workflow efficiency.


  • Accessories


    To complete or enhance your BioTek imager, microplate reader, liquid handling or robotics system, we offer a wide range of accessories, from tubing and bottles to imaging filter cubes.

  • Application Starter Kits

    Application Starter Kits

    BioTek’s Application Starter kits contain everything you’ll need to implement the latest assays for a particular application, quickly and with minimal training.  Kits contain hardware, software, consumables and reagents all in a convenient kit.