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General Virology Applications


Viral Growth/Titration

Viral titration assays allow quantification of virus concentration and production and isolation of purified virus. BioTek Imaging and Microscopy instruments with Gen5™ Image Analysis Software automate viral growth and titration assays.


Viral Replication Kinetics

Viral replication and growth kinetics provide key information for understanding virus-host interactions. BioTek Imaging and Microscopy instruments and Automation accessories provide live cell imaging and analysis capabilities.

  • Viral growth kinetics
  • Subcellular localization during virus lifecycle
  • Replication complexes


Viral Detection

For both basic research and clinical applications, the ability to quickly detect virus in a sample is key to any virology pipeline. With BioTek Imaging and Detection instruments, virus can be detected using a variety of methods, while BioTek Liquid Handlers and Stackers increase assay efficiency and throughput.  

  • Rapid ELISA screen
  • Fluorescent detection of immunolabed/reporter strains
  • Screening antibodies for viral detection


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Accelerate your Research

Cytation™ 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


Cytation 7

Fast widefield imaging system for viral plaque assays


  • Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging
  • Comprehensive Imaging Solution
  • Hit-picking: Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage
  • ELISpot Imaging
  • Powerful functionality with ROI identification feature
  • Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity
  • Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate



EL406™ Washer Dispenser


Automate viral antigen and antibody ELISA with EL406 and Stacker


  • Combines fast microplate washing with 3 reagent dispensers in 1 compact instrument
  • 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate compatible
  • Gentle processing for cell-based assays
  • Bead washing: magnetic and polystyrene
  • Easy maintenance with Ultrasonic Advantage™
  • Automatically process up to 50 plates with BioStack™






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