Host Receptor Expression

Host protein receptor expression is the ultimate factor that determines if a host cell is permissible to viral entry and infection. In viral research, it is essential to determine which cell types, either primary or immortalized, are permissible to viral entry. While this can be achieved by performing infection challenges in multiple cell lines, it is more efficient to first determine if cells express the virus-specific receptor. Cells in culture can be stained for receptor expression using immunolabeling techniques. Using either the Lionheart™ FX Automated Microscope or Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, samples can be imaged and receptor expression can be determined by fluorescent intensity using cellular analysis tools in the Gen5™ software.


Receptor Expression Application


Samples are imaged using automated fluorescent microscopy and processed to remove background according to the Gen5 imaging protocol.




Total individual cells and the cells expressing the labeled receptor are identified based on Gen5 cellular analysis parameters.



The total cell count, positive cell count, and percent positive cells are automatically calculated and reported for each sample, along with scatter plots for data visualization.


Increase assay throughput and performance


Liquid handling automation


The BioTek MultiFlo™ FX or other Liquid Handler can be used to automate the tedious fixing and staining steps required for immunolabeling.


BioStack™ Compatible Assay:
Process up to 50 microplates


Incorporating the BioStack™ Microplate Stacker enables processing and analysis of up to 50 prepared plates.









Application Notes


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