Fish assayCell-based assays are widely used to study the effective of drug targets on cell proliferations and viability, essential research in identifying potential treatments and cures and their efficacy. Migration and invasion assays investigate the effects of treatments on cellular movement, using 2D and 3D models.




Cell Proliferation

Cell proliferation is a process where cells grow and divide in order to replenish cells that have died. In heathy tissue the process is tightly controlled such that the growth of more cells is balanced against cell loss. Cell proliferation assays are a key tool in oncology research and drug discovery studies.



Cell Viability

Typically, cell viability or cytotoxicity assays assess the integrity of the cell’s plasma membrane. Fluorescent probes that undergo large fluorescence quantum yield increases as they intercalate into nuclear DNA can be engineered to be plasma membrane permeable or non-permeable. The use of these two probes is the basis of classic “LIVE/DEAD” assays. Alternatively only a membrane impermeable fluorometric dye can be used in a live cell kinetic assay such that toxicity can be measured in real time. Gen5 software fully automates this analysis, providing quantitative data through counting cells based on nuclear staining.    



3D Tumoroid Assays

Cell Cycle Analysis

Migration and Invasion



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