Measurement of Cell Density in Culture Vessels

Reproducible cell-based assays require consistent maintenance of cell cultures and accurate evaluation of culture characteristics. Automated quantification of cell density within culture vessels enables routine passaging of cells at the optimal density and provides valuable information for conducting cell culture quality control studies. The entire area, or a representative subset of large culture vessels, including flasks and multiwell dishes, can be routinely imaged with confluence values automatically reported. The images are collected using the Agilent BioTek Lionheart FX automated microscope or Agilent BioTek Cytation cell imager multimode reader.

Figure 1. Automated % confluence determinations within a culture vessel.

Even distribution of cells within a culture chamber promotes predictable growth kinetics and uniform characteristics within the cell population. Agilent BioTek Gen5 microplate reader and imager software can generate detailed cell density reports that include mean confluence and variation. These reports can be employed to identify and address problems with cell culturing techniques that contribute to uneven cell density across the culture vessel (Figure 2.). Additionally, this process can be used to standardize the process for identifying when to proceed with downstream applications and defining culture vessels exhibiting optimal properties.

Cell Density

Figure 2. Gen5 software generated mean confluence and variance data results.



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