T Cell Activation and Proliferation

T cell activation is an essential initial step of a targeted immune response. Direct and indirect activation of T cells in vitro causes increased cell proliferation and formation of cell aggregates, which can be tracked and quantitated using label-free and fluorescence imaging methods and analysis.


T Cell Activation and Proliferation Assay Procedure

Assay Setup

Assay Setup

T cells are added to microplate in media containing activating molecules (e.g. anti-CD3 and IL-2).


Automated kinetic fluorescence imaging

T Cell Proliferation
T cell expansion results in increased confluence and aggregation detected by Gen5 image analysis tools.



Automated Analysis
Quantification of T cell proliferation is reported in real time, revealing differential activation levels.

Increase assay throughput and performance

BioSpa™ Compatible Assay: Live cell analysis on up to 8 microplates
The BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System
enables multi-plate kinetic analysis
of the T cell Activation and Proliferation Assay.

Liquid handling automation


The BioTek MultiFlo™ FX or other Liquid Handler handler can automate seeding cells into the microplate as well as conduct media exchanges.





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