Synergy™ NEO: The Smart Choice for Today’s HTS Applications

May 31, 2012

BioTek's new Synergy™ NEO HTS Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is the smart alternative for today's advanced assays and screening applications. NEO's robust technology is tailored for smaller cell-based screening assays, and maintains ultra-fast, high performance found in traditional HTS readers.

Synergy NEO includes multiple parallel detectors to decrease measuring time, and dedicated filter-based optics for live cell assays. Patent pending Hybrid Technology™ found in Synergy NEO combines filter-based and monochromator-based systems in one compact unit for increased flexibility, speed and performance. Additionally, with a plate transfer time of about 6 seconds per plate, NEO's optional integrated plate stacker is the fastest on the market, allowing increased efficiency and walk-away automation. Powerful, user-friendly Gen5™ Data Analysis Software controls pre-defined or custom protocol creation, data processing and export flexibility.

Additional adaptations for today’s diverse assay requirements includes a powerful 100 mW laser-based excitation source for Alpha® assays, temperature control to 65°C, and orbital and linear shaking. Unique filter cubes are barcoded for positive filter identification, and a camera-based scanner can read 1D and 2D barcode-labeled plates, thus limiting potential errors and increasing workflow efficiency.

BioTek Instruments, Inc., headquartered in Winooski, VT, USA, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software. In 2011, BioTek received the North American New Product Innovation Award for Workflow Solutions in Life Sciences from Frost & Sullivan. BioTek instrumentation is used to aid in the advancement of life science research, facilitate the drug discovery process, provide rapid and cost-effective industrial analysis, and to enable sensitive and accurate quantification of a wide range of molecules across diverse applications.


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