Lights…Camera…Epoch! Epoch Video Contest

July 12, 2010

Break out your video cameras and enter BioTek’s "Why I Need a BioTek Epoch For My Lab" video contest. Get creative and have a little fun … you could win the world's most versatile multi-volume, multi-sample spectrophotometer system!

Submit your short video, describing why you need the Epoch™ Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System for your laboratory, to BioTek via Facebook or mailed DVD by October 1, 2010. Entries will be judged on creativity, believability and originality.

The complete Epoch System consists of the monochromator-based Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer and the unique Take3™ Multi-Volume Plate. Epoch provides outstanding performance from 200 nm to 999 nm for nucleic acid and protein quantification, wavelength scanning, end point, kinetic and well area scanning in 6- to 384-well microplates. The unique Take3 plate allows users to measure up to sixteen 2 µL samples, two BioCells™ or a standard cuvette. The Take3 interface in Gen5™ Data Analysis Software makes low volume nucleic acid quantification fast and easy with its pre-programmed protocols and data output.

Visit the "Why I Need a BioTek Epoch For My Lab" web page for contest rules and entry information.  Good Luck!

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