BioTek Announces New Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader

February 2, 2021

Benchtop imaging for every laboratory

BioTek Instruments, a part of Agilent, is excited to unveil the Cytation C10,  an advanced,  automated Confocal Imaging Reader. This versatile and multi-functional automated system is ideal for research laboratories and core facilities looking to increase productivity while reaping high-quality qualitative and quantitative data to support cell-based research.

Building upon the legacy of BioTek’s Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Readers, the compact Cytation C10 combines automated digital confocal and widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading in a unique, patented design. Spinning disk confocal capabilities offer exquisite image resolution and optical sectioning for a variety of sample types including 3-dimensional (3D) cell cultures and thick tissue sections.

High quality components, such as a Hamamatsu scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera, Olympus objectives, and laser-based illumination support excellent publication-ready images.  With its modular design Cytation C10 may be upgraded at any time as laboratory needs evolve. Additional imaging modes include widefield fluorescence, brightfield, and phase contrast optics. Assay versatility is further expanded with variable bandwidth monochromator-based optics for detection-based applications, and environmental controls for long-term live cell imaging analysis.

Gen5 software powers Cytation C10, offering a new 3D viewer and automated ROI functionality, among other powerful processing and analysis features.

BioTek Instruments, Inc., a part of Agilent and headquartered in Winooski, VT, USA, is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative life science instrumentation. Our comprehensive product line includes cell imaging systems, microplate readers, washers, dispensers, automated incubators and stackers. These products enable life science research by providing high performance, cost-effective analysis and quantification of biomolecules, biomolecular interactions and cellular structure and function across diverse applications. BioTek espouses a "Think Possible" approach that sets the tone for fresh ideas, unsurpassed customer service and original innovations.

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