Synergy H1’s Continuously Variable Bandwidth Monochromators Optimize Assay Performance

July 2, 2020

BioTek Instruments announces the availability of variable bandwidth monochromators on their modular and versatile Synergy™ H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader. This allows researchers to achieve even greater levels of assay sensitivity and specificity compared to fixed bandwidth systems.
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LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader Measures Microbial Growth Curves in Multiple Microplates

June 9, 2020

BioTek unveils a unique class of microplate readers with the new LogPhase 600 Microbiology Reader. The LogPhase 600 is the only four-plate microplate reader purpose-built to perform microbial growth curve analysis. Multiple plate measurements increase throughput and reduce the need for multiple costly single-plate absorbance readers that take up valuable bench space. At the same time, highly consistent environmental conditions support high quality absorbance results without growth curve artifacts, even in bacterial and yeast assays with extended incubation periods.
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Agilent’s BenchCel Microplate Handler Now Available through BioTek for Full Workflow Automation

May 28, 2020

BioTek announces that Agilent’s BenchCel Microplate Handler is now added to its portfolio of walkaway automated solutions. The modular BenchCel Microplate Handler is a high-speed robot with an open, flexible and scalable format to bring efficiency to diverse applications such as ELISA, endpoint add-and-read assays and cell fix-stain-image processes.
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BioTek Introduces New Cell Count & Viability Starter Kit

April 1, 2020

BioTek Instruments today introduced a new kit that can help researchers quickly obtain high-quality cell count results by automating the often tedious and error-prone process of mammalian cell counting.
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In Vitro Assays for Antiviral Drug Development (COVID-19)

March 13, 2020

Researchers around the globe are working to find viable antiviral drugs against COVID-19. There are myriad research methods in use for discovery and development, including in vitro assays in microplates. To help researchers find the best instrumentation for their research, BioTek’s team in China has made recommendations for instrumentation that can be used at several stages of discovery and for several specific in vitro assays.
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BioTek Announces the New Cytation 7 with Upright and Inverted Microscopes, Plus Multi-Mode Detection

January 2, 2020

The new Cytation™ 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader from BioTek Instruments combines an automated upright microscope, an inverted microscope, and multi-mode microplate detection in a single instrument. This combination of microscopes and multi-mode reading enables applications that would typically require multiple instruments.
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