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BioTek Expands its Line of Bio-Stack™ Automation Solutions

September 9, 2005

Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. today announced a major expansion to its line of automation solutions with two new Bio-Stack™ products. Joining the tremendously successful Bio-Stack™ Microplate Stacker, the new Bio-Stack™ Microplate Storage System can be used to store and feed microplates to any third party instrumentation equipped with a microplate gripper.
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BioTek Announces Launch of Bio-Stack™ Twister® II Microplate Handler

July 14, 2005

Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. today announced the addition of Caliper Life Sciences’ Twister® II Microplate Handler to Bio-Tek’s line of Bio-Stack™ automated solutions. The new product, called the “Bio-Stack Twister II”, can be interfaced to one or more Bio-Tek readers, washers and liquid handling systems, adding incremental storage capabilities and automation for entire work cells.
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BioTek Instruments, Inc. and LI-COR Biosciences Announce Commercialization of Microplate Stacker for Infrared Imaging System

May 5, 2005

BioTek Instruments, Inc. and LI-COR Biosciences announce the integration of the BioTek Bio-Stack™ Microplate Stacker to LI-COR’s new Aerius™ Automated Infrared Imaging System, a fast and efficient microplate reader providing automated data analysis of In-Cell Westerns.
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BioTek Announces Expanded Service Program

April 13, 2005

Bio-Tek Instruments is pleased to announce the availability of Field Service in select U.S. regions. In addition to its extensive line of microplate instrumentation and software, Bio-Tek is expanding its after-sales services to address varying product usage and application requirements.
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Reduce Assay Failure with BioTek’s NEW ELx405™ Microplate Washer

January 3, 2005

Scientists are routinely confronted with assay failure due to poor instrument performance. The most common problem leading to ELISA assay failure is clogging in the washer manifold due to protein or salt crystal build-up. Facilitate washer maintenance – a time consuming and labor intensive process – with Bio-Tek’s patent pending Ultrasonic Advantage™.
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