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Visit BioTek at SLAS 2018

This year, BioTek is celebrating its 50th anniversary! Visit us at Booth 1119 to see how 50 years of passion and innovation have resulted in exciting new instrumentation designed to automate and improve your assay workflows. We'll feature the BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System, Cytation Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, Lionheart Automated Microscope, 405 TS Washer, MultiFlo FX Dispenser and much more.



50 Years of Passion and Innovation

To thank our customers and partners for our continued success over the past 50 years, we’d like to invite you to celebrate with us! Altitude Sky Lounge is an elite rooftop bar in San Diego just two blocks from the convention center. Unwind after the show for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and amazing views of the city. All attendees are welcome. Just RSVP and bring your SLAS badge for access to the event. We hope to see you there!

50th Anniversary Party



SLAS2018 Short Course


Set-up and Validation of 3D Primary, Stem Cell and Immortalized Cultures for Downstream Microplate Reader and Imaging Applications (NEW!)

Sunday, February 4, 2018
8:00 am - 11:15 am

Instructors: Mark E. Rothenberg Ph.D., Manager Scientific Training and Education, Corning
Incorporated I Life Sciences and Brad Larson, Principal Scientist, BioTek Instruments, Inc.


Mammalian cell culture has long been an invaluable tool in cell biology, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. When cell culture techniques were first developed, 3-Dimensional (3D) systems were utilized. That rapidly changed due to cost and efficiency concerns resulting in cell culture being performed today with adherent cells grown on flat and rigid two-dimensional (2D) substrates, including polystyrene or glass. Advances in our understanding of cell physiology and failures in clinical trials have provided the impetus to move away from 2D systems and back to a more in-vivo-like 3D environment. The advance of these new technologies and screening methodologies have allowed scientists to assess more realistic functional capabilities of cells. The following course will focus on the cellular microenvironment and its importance when developing and screening cell-based assays using primary, stem cell, and immortalized cultures in 3D systems.

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Poster Presentations


Our scientific team will be presenting many posters demonstrating popular screening and imaging applications using biochemical, cell-based and live cell assays with instrumentation from BioTek.

Investigating Novel Therapeutic Targets for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Using an Automated Kinetic Proliferation Assay
BioTek Products: BioSpa System

Automated Imaging-Based Techniques for Detailed Characterization of GPCR Signaling Pathways
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, Gen5 3.0

An Image-Based Method to Detect and Quantify T Cell Mediated Cytotoxicity of 2D and 3D Target Cell Models
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, BioSpa 8

Imaging-Based Cytotoxicity Assays
BioTek Products: Cytation 1, BioSpa 8

An Automated Image-Based Multiplexed Method to Assess Real Time Cell Death Pathway Activity
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, BioSpa 8

Evaluating Ethanol Induced Cell Death in Zebrafish
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, Gen5 3.0

Autophagy Analysis Using Object Spot Counting
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, Gen5 3.0

Automation of an Image-Based Assay to Model Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, Gen5 3.0

Using Phenol Red to Assess pH in Long-Term Proliferation Assays
BioTek Products: Cytation 5

BioTek Instrumentation Throughout the Show

BioTek partners with a number of reagent kit and automation technology providers by integrating their products with our high performance microplate instrumentation and software technologies to provide comprehensive total solutions. Many of these will be on display at SLAS this year. Visit our partner booths to see these solutions in action!


Partner Company

Booth Location

Featured BioTek Product

Agilent Technologies


Cytation 1

Apricot Designs





MutliFlo FX

Beckman Coulter


405 LS, Cytation 1, Synergy H1

BioNex Solutions


Synergy Neo2



EL406, Synergy Neo2

 Dynamic Devices

 715  Synergy HTX
 HighRes Biosolutions  905

 EL406, MultiFlo FX, Cytation 1



405 TS

Lab Services BV


405 TS, 405 LS, Epoch 2

Peak Analysis and Automation


405 LS, MultiFlo FX, Synergy Neo2



405 TS

Retisoft, Inc.


405 TS


For complete event information, visit www.SLAS2018.org.