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Thank You for Visiting BioTek at SLAS 2019

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We featured the Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Reader, EL406™ Washer Dispenser, Cytation™ Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, Lionheart™ Automated Microscope, 405™ TS Washer, and much more.




SLAS2019 Short Course


Set-up and Validation of 3D Primary, Stem Cell and Immortalized Cultures for Downstream Microplate Reader and Imaging Applications

Sunday, February 3, 2019
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Instructors: Mark E. Rothenberg Ph.D., Manager Scientific Training and Education, Corning
Incorporated Life Sciences and Brad Larson, Principal Scientist, BioTek Instruments, Inc.


Mammalian cell culture has long been an invaluable tool in cell biology, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. When cell culture techniques were first developed, 3-Dimensional (3D) systems were utilized. That rapidly changed due to cost and efficiency concerns resulting in cell culture being performed today with adherent cells grown on flat and rigid two-dimensional (2D) substrates, including polystyrene or glass. Advances in our understanding of cell physiology and failures in clinical trials have provided the impetus to move away from 2D systems and back to a more in-vivo-like 3D environment. The advance of these new technologies and screening methodologies have allowed scientists to assess more realistic functional capabilities of cells. This course will focus on the cellular microenvironment and its importance when developing and screening cell-based assays using primary, stem cell, and immortalized cultures in 3D systems.

Poster Presentations


Our scientific team presented many posters demonstrating popular screening and imaging applications using biochemical, cell-based and live cell assays with instrumentation from BioTek.

Automated 3D Spheroid Culture Media Exchange Using a Novel MultiFlo™ FX Accessory
BioTek Product: MultiFlo FX

Consistent, Repeatable Wound Healing Assays Incorporating a Novel, Automated Scratch Tool and Kinetic Label-Free Imaging
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, AutoScratch

Advanced 2D Wound Healing Assay Procedures Performed using a Novel, Automated Scratch Tool, High Contrast Brightfield and Fluorescence Kinetic Imaging
BioTek Products: Cytation 5, AutoScratch

Investigation of a Novel, High-Throughput Method for Real-Time Measurement of β-arrestin Recruitment Using a Live-cell Luminescence Based Assay System
BioTek Product: Synergy Neo2

Investigation of Cell Migration in a Label-free Cell Exclusion Assay by Automated Microplate Imaging
BioTek Product: Cytation 5

Automated Analysis of Neutrophil NETosis Activity
BioTek Product: Cytation 5

Automated Image-based Cell Cycle Analysis
BioTek Products: Cytation 5

Quantitative Microscopy of Angiogenesis in Zebrafish Embryos
BioTek Product: Lionheart FX

Monitoring Cellular Stress Response and Inhibition of GPCR-Dependent Calcium Signaling Using Kinetic Imaging and Expressed Biosensors
BioTek Product: Lionheart FX

BioTek Instrumentation Throughout the Show

We partnered with a number of reagent kit and automation technology providers by integrating their products with our high performance microplate instrumentation and software technologies to provide comprehensive total solutions.


Partner Company

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Featured BioTek Product



MutliFlo FX,  Synegy HTX

Beckman Coulter


405 LS

BioNex Solutions


Synergy Neo2



EL406, MutliFlo FX , Synergy Neo2


 701  405 TS , Synergy Neo2
 HighRes Biosolutions  604

 EL406, Cytation 5

Lab Services BV


405 TS, Synegy HTX

Retisoft, Inc.


Cytation 1

TTP Labtech