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Ten Thousand Reasons to Get a Better Reaction

Myriad Genetics


Myriad is the Greek term for ten thousand, and for Myriad Genetics in Utah, it represents the potential of genetics to influence different facets of medical care. Responsible for the discovery of BRCA (breast cancer) genes, this biotechnology company is so focused on this potential that it has even enlisted the vast and detailed genealogy records maintained by the Mormon church to aid its research in therapeutic and molecular diagnostic products.

At the height of production in Jeff Mitchell’s research lab at Myriad, over 40,000 DNA samples were sequenced per day. And with up to 600 microplates per day, he needed a liquid dispenser that was both dependable and precise. He wasn’t satisfied with the performance and ease-of-maintenance from his Genetix dispenser, and while at a LabAutomation exhibition in Palm Springs, California, Jeff came across the BioTek Instruments booth and the μFill Microplate Dispenser.


After scheduling and seeing a full demonstration of the μFill’s capabilities at his laboratory, Jeff was impressed with the accurate results and purchased the unit. In addition to the uniformity in volume, the Automation Engineering Manager felt that the μFill was easier to maintain than his old dispenser, citing the replacement of individual nozzles and o-rings versus an entire manifold as a prime example.


And recently, when Myriad started up a new diagnostic lab, more BioTek products were purchased, including several more μFill Microplate Dispensers, a NanoQuot Microplate Dispenser, an ELx800 Absorbance Microplate Reader, and a pair of Synergy 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Readers. Jeff noted, “Because we liked the BioTek products, we looked to BioTek first for our plate reading solutions for the new lab. We liked the product and didn’t look further.” He also commented that Synergy 2, used for DNA and oligo quantification, is easier to use than PerkinElmer’s Fusion while providing additional features in a more compact size.

μFill Microplate Dispenser Synergy 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader “The biggest benefits with BioTek products are their ease-of-use, ease-of-service, and better support,” says Jeff. “They seem to perform better than competitor products and we have more peace of mind because of these benefits.” He feels that overall sales and customer support at BioTek have been good, although the products themselves do not require a high level of support from the company.

Jeff will likely purchase more BioTek products in the future as Myriad Genetics progresses towards more beneficial genetic discoveries and treatments, saying, “With BioTek products, I can relax because they perform.”

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Thanks to Jeff Mitchell at Myriad Genetics for relating his BioTek experience with us.

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