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A Better Reaction for Specialty Fluorescent-based Assays



A sunflower, a.k.a. girasol, girasole, and girassol in various Latin-based languages, seems to glow as it turns to greet the light on a sunny day. And to Drs. Susan Burgess and Frauke Rininsland, co-founders of Gyrasol Technologies, Inc., the sunflower’s glow embodies the small molecule central to their fluorescence-based detection platform.

Recently incorporated and based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Gyrasol has developed the proprietary Gyrasol Sensor platform for specialty assays, cell-based applications, and multiplexed monitoring. The company also develops custom enzyme assays for specialty targets using a variety of different readouts such as prompt Fluorescence, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarization, AlphaScreen®, Luminescence and Absorbance. In addition to these read modes, it’s important for them to also have at their disposal a monochromator-based fluorescence detection system to identify optimal excitation and emission wavelengths for multiplexed applications.

Frauke Rininsland, Gyrasol’s Chief Scientific Officer, had been working with another manufacturer’s Multi-Mode Microplate Reader when it developed problems that the manufacturer’s service and support departments couldn’t resolve. She looked for troubleshooting tips online and landed in a discussion forum where she first learned about BioTek’s Synergy™ 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with Hybrid Technology™. Rininsland was familiar with BioTek’s microplate washers, but not their multi-mode microplate readers, and decided to investigate further. Following an intelligent decision-making process, she determined that the Synergy 4 fulfilled all of Gyrasol’s requirements, and scheduled an on-site demonstration.

Frauke Susan

“Most relevant to me was that the Synergy 4 reader has the combined capacity of multi-mode filter-based readout and monochromator-based reads,” says Rininsland. “We were also considering instruments from another manufacturer, but would have needed two separate instruments to satisfy all of our laboratory needs. The Synergy 4 was also reasonably priced, especially compared to the cost of two separate instruments.”

Drs. Rininsland and Burgess quickly realized that the Synergy 4 purchase price also included personal attention and open access to the entire BioTek family. Rininsland offers, “I’ve never had an experience as good as the one I had with BioTek’s support team! As a new user, questions come up frequently, and BioTek’s customer support team has always been prompt, polite and very knowledgeable. Our sales representative, Jackie Kramer, is always in touch to make sure that questions and concerns are clearly addressed. I’m tremendously impressed with the high level of service that we’ve received.”

She continues, “With BioTek, I feel supported in my research and custom assay development because they are on “my team” and will resolve any issues that pertain to the use of their instrument and software without downtime or aggravation.”


Thanks to Dr. Frauke Rininsland at Gyrasol Technologies for relating her BioTek experience with us.

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