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2014 Cytation 3 Contest Winner

Fox Chase Cancer Center



It's been a year since Dr. Jeffrey Peterson submitted the winning entry to BioTek’s "Think Possible" contest, earning his laboratory at Fox Chase Cancer Center a new Cytation 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. Here is an excerpt from Peterson's entry:

"… I study breast cancer. We use high throughput screening of drug-like small molecules to identify weaknesses in cancers' armor. But we must chose; should we target cell proliferation in a cell-based assay? Should we target a specific enzyme we think is important? Which enzyme? What instrumentation will we need for the particular assay? But what if there were no limits to the assays we could do? In fact, what if we could combine assays using different technologies to analyze the same screening well?..."

We had a chance to catch up with Dr. Peterson and learn more about his work and how Cytation has been beneficial to it. Peterson’s lab is studying protein kinases - trying to understand the functional role of these kinases, and how their behavior is altered in cancer cells. The lab traditionally used inverted microscopes in their research, but with Cytation they can work in 96-well and larger plates for much higher throughput and automated processes. The team can quickly measure fluorescent signal from the cells, setting a threshold at which individual wells are imaged. This automated process allows quantitative analysis along with phenotypic screening to determine the presence, length and quantities of the cellular filamentous structures central to their research. Dose response curves can be run on multiple samples simultaneously, so that the efficacy of drug treatments can be rapidly seen. Dr. Peterson’s team plans to continue to use Cytation 3 to further their research into the mechanisms of kinase regulation and dysregulation within cancer cells. BioTek is pleased that Cytation 3 has aided in the laboratory’s important work.

Fox Chase

Dr. Lauren Fink, Dr. Peterson and Dr. Alexander Beatty

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To learn more about Fox Chase Cancer Center visit their web site.
Thanks to Dr. Peterson sharing his BioTek experience.


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