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Precision™ Results and Labor Savings Through the Years

Eurofins Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd.


Vicky Huang is a senior scientist responsible for R&D at Eurofins Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd., where she characterizes potential drug compound leads as the step between receptor binding assays and in vivo studies. The compounds are tested using cell-based assays such as GPCR and cell proliferation, and since many compounds are tested and diluted every day, manual processes were very time consuming.

When researching an automated alternative to increase throughput with less time needed, the lab needed an instrument that was easy to operate and cost-effective, yet offered highly precise results. Vicky recalls that the software and operating system of BioTek’s Precision™ were “key points” in the selection process, hence the department manager approved the instrument purchase along with Precision Power™ Software. Installation of the instrument and software took only one hour, but Vicky was trained for 3 days so she could learn how to maximize Precision’s use in her R&D lab.

Vicky has used Precision for several years now, noting, “The best benefit of Precision is labor savings, because we use Precision to pipette more than 50 vials of test compounds every day, including dose dilutions.” She also uses BioTek’s 405™ Select LS for adhesion assays, and will use it for future xMAP® assays. She keeps in touch with BioTek’s local Taiwan office for continued support and quarterly maintenance to ensure that the instruments stay in peak condition. She enjoys the increased peace of mind, too, saying, “With BioTek’s Precision and Precision Power Software, I feel relieved because it can accomplish my job quickly and precisely.”

xMAP® is a registered trademark of Luminex Corporation.


To learn more about Eurofins Panlabs, visit their web site.
Thanks to Vicky Huang at Eurofins Panlabs for sharing her BioTek experience.

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