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Confidence in Washing that Lasts for Generations

Green Mountain Antibodies


Green Mountain Antibodies, in Burlington, Vermont, offers a wide range of services, including hybridoma and antibody development, protein production and purification, cell culture and assay development for customers around the world. The company’s reputation for attention to detail and quality craftsmanship underscores the drive to operate at peak efficiency, and for Rogelio Zimbron, Laboratory Technician who works on protein purification and high-throughput ELISAs, this means minimizing equipment downtime and unnecessary complexity in laboratory workflows.

For over twelve years, his laboratory relied on BioTek’s ELx405™ Microplate Washer when performing 16 to 60 ELISA assays per day in 96-well format, and recently, they made the decision to retire the old washer in favor of BioTek’s next-generation, advanced 405™ TS Microplate Washer. “Our old ELx405 was reliable regardless of how hard it was worked or what it was exposed to, and that’s a great testament for BioTek’s products,” Rogelio notes. “So, when it came to getting a new washer, we made a conscious choice to stick with the BioTek brand.”

The transition was so smooth and fast that any downtime was negligible. The 405 TS easily accommodates the demands for fast development times, conveniently interfaces with a computer through BioTek’s Liquid Handling Control™ Software, and offers a user-friendly touchscreen interface. The latter is especially appreciated by users as Rogelio attests, “Everything is clearly labeled, and just the fact that we can hit two buttons to get to the wash procedure we need is a big deal.” Through the touchscreen interface, Rogelio easily located pre-programmed protocol templates that could be customized to suit all the protocols used in the lab so that the instrument was fully functional very soon after installation. After a brief training session with BioTek’s local service representative, Rogelio found it easy to explore advanced programming and control options, and to increase development efficiency by using the instrument’s validation and quick test functions.

Preventative maintenance is also a breeze. Verify™ technology checks manifold tubes for blockages and verifies dispensing ability with reporting on specific locations of suspected clogs. Instead of the time-consuming process of manually poking a manifold tube to unclog it, Ultrasonic Advantage™ fully removes the clog using ultrasonic technology. Rogelio comments, “Build-up is common, and accidents are bound to happen, but Ultrasonic Advantage provides us with a huge time savings, and it is very easy to access from the touchscreen.” Even small features on 405 TS make a big impression on users at Green Mountain Antibodies. For example, instead of an external valve module, the 405 TS features built-in valves for automatic switching between reagents. “This blew me away,” comments Rogelio. He notes that this makes it a “piece of cake” to hook tubing lines up without having to worry about extra steps and clutter in the laboratory.

Rogelio is confident in the 405 TS, not only because of the product quality, but because of BioTek’s reputation and responsiveness. “We have a total of three BioTek products here that are true workhorses, and I’m appreciative of all the BioTek folks we talk to, knowing that they have solutions for our needs and answers to our questions.”


Green Mountain Antibodies
The Green Mountain Antibody assay team, left to right: Brendan Flanagan, Rogelio Zimbron, Alex Boucher, Anna Hill, Adam Layhee.


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Thanks to Rogelio Zimbron at Green Mountain Antibodies for sharing his BioTek experience.


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