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When Images are Worth More Than a Thousand Words

Julie Rumble, Scientist and Laboratory Operations Coordinator, Cayman Chemical



Cayman Chemical in Ann Arbor, Michigan manufactures and supplies small molecules, assay kits, proteins, and antibodies for biomedical research; while also providing bioanalysis and custom assay development services as part of their menu of contract services. By employing this multi-pronged approach, they enable researchers across the globe to answer complex questions that ultimately support human and animal health. Julie Rumble, Scientist I and Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Cayman Chemical, takes a similar approach with a focus on cell-based assays in her dual R&D and contract services roles.

Julie and the other lab members were already familiar with BioTek Instruments, including the Synergy™ 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader and ELx405™ Microplate Washer, so when they sought to expand their scope of information beyond the limitations of their fluorescent microscope, they looked into BioTek’s Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader. They compared it to other instruments and ultimately chose Cytation 5 for its flexibility, modularity and ability to perform kinetic imaging in a high throughput manner.

As she became more familiar with the instrument and its integrated Gen5™ Microplate Reader and Imager Software, Julie was very pleased with the opportunities that Cytation 5 provided. “We knew it was flexible, and once we started using it, it was exciting to realize the full extent of what’s possible,” she notes. “We use Cytation 5 with all of the different fluors that Cayman Chemical offers.” In addition to the four fluorescent imaging channels plus brightfield imaging, Julie appreciates the ability to manipulate the focus planes and other imaging parameters to fine-tune results. Among other methods, Cytation 5 is used for multiplexed assays and kinetic imaging is employed to measure challenging processes such as NETosis, where neutrophils decondense their DNA and extrude it like a net. The net is studded with anti-microbial histones, and traps and kills certain pathogens.

BioTek’s personalized support is also credited for going the extra mile to help with data analysis and other in-depth assistance. Julie notes that BioTek’s local and corporate team members are “always available, helpful, and wonderful to work with.”

The increased depth of information available through Cytation 5 supports Cayman Chemical’s contract services and also aids in new assay development. “We get great data, and obviously quantifiable data is critical, but at the same time, if we can show our customers a beautiful image of what’s happening, they’re over the moon,” Julie summarizes. “These pictures are worth far more than a thousand words; they help us deliver more value to our customers and provide them with a greater depth of meaning in their research.”

Neutrophil NETosis
Neutrophil NETosis showing extruded DNA (green) and myeloperoxidase staining (blue).


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Thanks to Julie Rumble for sharing her BioTek experience.

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