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On August 26, 2019 Agilent completed the acquisition of BioTek, a recognized global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative life science instrumentation. Its comprehensive product line includes cell imaging systems, microplate readers, washers, dispensers, automated incubators and stackers.

With the addition of BioTek - combined with the prior acquisitions of Seahorse Bioscience, Luxcel Biosciences and ACEA Biosciences - Agilent is able to provide a breadth of differentiated workflows, enabling customers to obtain deeper, more reliable insights across a variety of cell analysis applications.

Learn more about how Agilent is growing toward a deeper understanding of the cell and the power of these companies coming together.

Learn more about how the Agilent Bravo Liquid Handling Platform automates the BioTek Synergy Multi-Mode Plate Reader assay sample prep workflow.

Learn more how these acquisitions expand Agilent's immunotherapy tool box.

Below are answers to common questions about BioTek and Agilent.



Q: Who do I contact to order BioTek products, or request product information?
As the process for integrating BioTek products and operations into Agilent continues, all demo requests, service, support, and sales orders for BioTek products will be processed directly through BioTek, just as they were prior to the company’s acquisition by Agilent.  For assistance, please contact your direct service and sales representative, or BioTek headquarters.  
Contact Us:

You can also access BioTek’s Customer Resource Center to search frequently asked questions and discussions. Customers can login to download user manuals and software, and view order or product information specific to their needs.

Q: I recently purchased equipment from BioTek, how will the merger affect me?
BioTek will continue to be your direct contact as the integration progresses. Please continue to contact the same BioTek sales and support personnel that you did prior to the acquisition. For pricing, to place an order, or for general questions, you can also call:  (888) 451-5171 (toll free U.S/Canada) or (802) 655-4740. To email customer service, please contact

Q: I would like to have a demonstration on BioTek products, who should I call?
Please contact BioTek to schedule a product demonstration.

Q: Who do I contact for technical support or a service issue related to BioTek products?
You can continue to contact  BioTek technical support representatives. BioTek technical product support and service may be reached at (800) 242-4685 (toll free U.S./Canada) or (802) 655-4740. The email address is:

Q: Can Agilent customers include BioTek products in their Agilent orders?
For now, all orders for BioTek products must be handled through BioTek. We will update this information at the appropriate time, as the integration of Agilent and BioTek continues.

Q: Will part numbers of BioTek products stay the same?
There are currently no changes to BioTek product part numbers.