About Us

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50 Years of Passion and Innovation

Over our 50-year history, BioTek has become a worldwide leader in innovative life science instrumentation. Our award-winning products, designed and built right here in Winooski, Vermont, U.S.A., include:

  • Imaging & Microscopy Systems
  • Microplate Readers
  • Microplate Washers & Dispensers
  • Microplate Robotics

Our innovative development approach results in cost-effective systems that provide excellent performance across diverse applications. Our rigorous quality, validation and testing programs ensure that our instruments will be safe, robust and reliable for many years, so that our customers can keep their research moving forward, uninterrupted.

We offer unparalleled support to our customers – their satisfaction is the ultimate motivator! Everyone, from our Customer Care advisors, to our in-house and field-based Application Scientists, to our Service & Support teams, is prepared to help customers maintain and maximize value from their BioTek investment. In fact, every BioTek department contributes support before, during and after the BioTek instrument is incorporated into a customer’s workflow.

We sustain this company-wide commitment to the success of our customers because the world benefits when our customers succeed. Learn more about the passion, innovation and successes of many BioTek customers in our Customer Spotlights.


Our Legacy

One person can have an idea that changes the world while inspiring a legacy of leadership and teamwork. For Briar Alpert and Dr. Norman AlpertBioTek, that person was Dr. Norman Alpert. As Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at University of Vermont, Dr. Alpert was a world-renowned expert in cardiac hypertrophy and energetics. In 1968, he founded BioTek Instruments to manufacture tools for biomedical safety testing. In 1981, he recognized an emerging potential in life sciences and other markets, and took the company forward into microplate-based instrumentation, where we’ve since become a world leader.

Dr. Alpert’s legacy echoes through our culture, where mutual respect, equal contribution and empowerment drive individual and team success. Because of this positive corporate culture, BioTek has an enviable tenure of experience enabling our employees, with their rich depth of knowledge, to offer outstanding support to our customers worldwide.


Investing In The Future

We firmly believe in taking responsible actions today to build a brighter tomorrow for our company, employees, community, customers, and planet. By donating time and resources to local higher education institutions and providing internships to local students, we inspire, shape and mentor the minds of tomorrow. BioTekkers are encouraged to participate in local volunteer programs to strengthen community bonds, while tuition reimbursement programs support personal and professional growth. We invest in sustainability initiatives, such as our two Vermont-based solar energy farms, to support a healthier environment for our employees and all Vermonters. You can see the performance of our systems below:


Whiting, VT

Milton, VT

Think Possible

BioTek espouses a “Think Possible” approach that sets the tone for fresh ideas, unsurpassed customer service and original innovations.

This approach, along with our outstanding products, service, culture and stewardship, provides our customers with the best possible experience to ensure their ongoing scientific success.

Passion and Innovation