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Absorbance Readers

What are the filters/mirror and reading parameters required to read AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA assays on my Synergy?

What volume should I use for DNA quantitation when reading at 260 nm?

Do I have to use a blank on the plate when quantitating DNA at 260 nm?

What advantages does the Bio-Cell™ offer?

Can I use pathlength correction wavelengths other than 977 nm for aqueous solutions?

My DNA quantitation results are quite different than that provided by my spectrophotometer

Multi-Mode Readers

How long should my lamp last and how do I change it?

Fluorescence filters: when you see 485/20 nm for a filter does it mean that the band pass is 20 nm in total or +/- 20 nm?

What microplates can I use when reading absorbance of samples in the UV range?

Do the requirements for successful DNA quantitation including pathlength correction, appropriate plates, minimum volumes, and blank wells apply to RNA and protein quantitation at 260 and 280 nm respectively?

How do I optimize the instrument for reading assays with live cells (cellular assays) on the bottom of the wells?

How do I adjust the sensitivity for optimum results in fluorescence or luminescence?

Can I read PCR plates on my FLx800 or Synergy microplate reader?

General Question

Should we turn off our BioTek reader at the end of the day?

How do I troubleshoot communication problems between my instrument and computer?

What is the detection limit for DNA quantitation?


I’m using Gen5 Software; am I limited to operating one microplate reader at a time?