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How do I export data from Gen5 into Excel using PowerExports?

First, generate an a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet template in the protocol. From the Gen5 experiment window, go to Protocol: PowerExportBuilder. This will launch Excel within the Gen5 experiment. Note that there is a PowerExport toolbar containing buttons to select Protocol Summary, Field Group, Matrix and Table. Choose the data you’d like to export from these menus and the placement of the data objects in the worksheet. Below is an example of a PowerExport template with a table that will contain the well IDs and the OD values for a reading at 405 nm. To delete items from the template, highlight the cells and click the red "x" next to the Close button. Then close a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet (using the Close button) to save the template in the Gen5 protocol and return to Gen5.

After the plate is read, in Gen5 go to Plate: PowerExport to export the data into Excel. It is possible to have the data automatically exported every time a plate is read in the experiment. (Go to Protocol: Protocol Options: Auto-Output Options and choose "Execute PowerExport").

There is more information about using PowerExports in the Gen5 Help system, as well as a tutorial called “Learn about PowerExport” accessible from the Gen5 startup screen or from the Help menu.

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