Quantification of DNA, RNA, Protein and Cells in Micro-Volume with a Microplate Reader


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Presenter: Peter Brescia, BioTek Instruments, Winooski, VT

Quantification of isolated biomolecules is routinely accomplished by spectrophotometric analysis at 260 nm for nucleic acids and 280 nm for proteins in a UV transparent vessel. Measurements were historically measured with quartz cuvettes that possess a fixed path length of 1 cm and are typically associated with high precision and accuracy of measurement. As miniaturization of assays and higher throughput protocols become more common the need to quantify limited quantities of precious samples has become increasingly the norm. Here we will describe the use of a novel, versatile microplate accessory that is capable of accurately measuring up to 48 samples with volumes as low as 2 µL. The accessory allows for the use of a 1 cm pathlength vessel as well for quantification of very dilute samples. Diverse applications will be presented covering methods of microvolume quantification of biomolecules and microbial growth.


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