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Analytical Performance of a Higher Throughput Multi-Volume Microplate Accessory for Microplate Spectrophotometer Platforms


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Authors: P. Brescia, G. Prescott, A. Rieger, K. Yarsargil, P. Banks, BioTek Instruments, Inc.




Accurate determination of molecular concentrations is a prerequisite to the use of purified biomolecules for a multitude of downstream applications. Quantification is routinely accomplished by spectrophotometric analysis. A novel microplate accessory is described here which incorporates the ability to directly measure up to forty-eight low-volume (2µL) samples for direct quantification and two vertical 1 cm pathlength cells, in a standard microplate sized format. Its use allows a researcher to quantify samples without dilution while also allowing more dilute samples to be read in a standard 1 cm pathlength format. The analytical performance of the accessory will be discussed including limit of detection, dynamic range and accuracy for the quantification of total protein and isolated nucleic acids.

Eon Microplate Spectrophotometer

Eon Microplate Spectrophotometer


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