Take3 Micro-Volume Plates

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Low volume 2 µL nucleic acid and protein quantification

Low volume 2 µL nucleic acid and protein quantification

Two versions available:<br> 16- and 48-microspots

Two versions available:
16- and 48-microspots

Micro-volume quantification is fast and easy with the Take3 and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume plates, used in your BioTek microplate spectrophotometer. Measure up to forty-eight 2 µL samples at a time, without diluting and without needing specialized equipment. For added utility, standard cuvettes or the patented BioCell can also be used for quick 1 cm measurements, while the ultimate versatility of measuring both absorbance and fluorescence can be accomplished using Take3 or Take3 Trio in a Synergy Hybrid or multi-mode reader. Pre-programmed nucleic acid and protein protocols in Gen5 make quantification fast and easy.


Take3 and Take3 Trio are compatible with Epoch and Epoch 2, Synergy multi-mode and Hybrid readers. Adding a Take3 Micro-Volume plate to your BioTek microplate spectrophotometer systems greatly expands the functionality while reducing sample volumes, costs and time required for routine quantification.

  • Gen5 software with pre-programmed micro-volume nucleic acid and protein quantification protocols
  • Absorbance and fluorescence detection capability
  • Easy maintenance: simply wipe-off sample locations
  • Robust design
  • Read microspots, BioCells or standard cuvetts

16 microspots for 2 µL samples. 2 locations for patented BioCell™ measurements (BioCell optional) and 1 location for standard cuvette measurements.

Take3 Trio
48 microspots for 2 µL samples. 2 locations for patented BioCell measurements. (BioCell optional)

BioCell™ capacity 2
2 µL sample capacity Take3: 16
Take3 Trio: 48
Cuvette capacity Take3: 1
Take3 Trio: n/a
Compatible readers Take3: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy 2, Synergy H1, Synergy Neo 2, Synergy HTX, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3
Take3 Trio: Epoch, Epoch 2, Synergy H1, Synergy HTX, Synergy Neo 2, Cytation 5 and Cytation 3
Optical pathlength 0.5 mm (nominal)
Detection limit 2 ng/µL dsDNA
Gen5 software interface Take3 and Take3 Trio are available in Gen5™ Data Analysis Software with preprogrammed protocols for nucleic acid and protein quantification.
Predefined applications
  • Nucleic acid and protein quantification
  • In-situ fluorometric protein quantification
  • 260/280 and 260/230 protein purity measurements
  • Very low volume in-situ BCA assay
  • Spectral scan of single or multiple low volume samples

Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory test values.



4690503S Microspot printed replacement slide for Take3 plate
4690504S Blank replacement slide for Take3 plate
7272051 BioCell 1 cm Quartz Vessel accessory has picture

Take3 Micro-Volume Plate

48723 Quartz Cuvette with stopper, 10 mm

Test Plates & Reagents

7773003 BioTek Green Test Dye (125 mL)
7773005 BioTek 10x Green Test Dye (125 mL)
7773015 BioTek 50x Green Test Dye (125 mL)

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