Detection Instrumentation

Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation 3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation™ 3 is a modular, upgradable multi-mode microplate reader. Along with multiple available detection configurations, Cytation 3 can be upgraded to add an automated digital microscopy module to provide phenotypic information along with intensity data. This patent pending design provides rich phenotypic cellular information with well-based intensity data.

HTS Multi-Mode Readers

Synergy Neo HTS Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

The new Synergy Neo is an HTS multi-mode microplate reader designed specifically for today's screening and core laboratories. Synergy Neo has all the features you would expect from a screening instrument, including multiple parallel detectors for ultra-fast measurements, laser-based excitation, super-fast plate stacker and high sensitivity on low volume assays. The Synergy Neo incorporates BioTek's unique patented Hybrid Technology and is the recipient of the 2012 Drug Discovery Product of the Year - Scientists' Choice Award sponsored by SelectScience.

Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Synergy H4 Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

BioTek's patented Hybrid multi-mode microplate readers combine a flexible monochromator detection system and a high efficiency filter/dichroic detection system in one instrument. Synergy H1 offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio, while Synergy H4 has been designed to cover the broadest range of applications.

Monochromator-based Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Synergy Mx Monochromator-Based Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Monochromator systems provide ease of use, flexibility and cover a broad range of applications out of the box. Synergy H1m is the best value monochromator-based multi-mode reader on the market, while Synergy Mx is the best choice if you need advanced features and performance.

Filter-based Multi-Mode Microplate Readers

Synergy 2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Filter-based multi-mode readers offer high performance but are cost-effective. Synergy HTX uses efficient filter-based optics for excellent sensitivity, and has monochromator base UV-Vis for absorbance applications flexibility, ideal for use in life science research applications. Synergy 2 is a fully modular system, with dichroic-based optics for the best fluorescence performance.

Fluorescence Readers

Synergy MxF Monochromator-Based Fluorescence Microplate Reader

BioTek offers a wide choice in fluorescence detection, from the low-cost, highly sensitive FLx800™ to the modular Synergy™, BioTek has the fluorescence reader you need. Cost effective filter-based systems and advanced monochromator-based designs are available. The unique patented Hybrid Technology, which combines monochromator and filter-based optics, is available on several Synergy models, providing incredible performance and application flexibility.

Absorbance Readers

PowerWave HT Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek's absorbance readers provide total flexibility for many applications. From basic ELISA to high throughput detection, the absorbance readers offer tremendous functionality. The monochromator based instruments provide UV-VIS detection while the filter-based systems offer great performance and good value.

Micro-Volume Plates

Take3 Micro-Volume Plates

Using volumes as low as 2 µL, the Take3 and Take3 Trio Micro-Volume Plates provide direct nucleic acid and protein quantification for up to 48 samples at time. Take3 Plates are compatible with BioTek’s microplate spectrophotometers.