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Luminescence Test Plate

Part Number: 8030015
Price: $2,960    (Accessory pricing is U.S. list. Local pricing may vary.)
For use with: Cytation 3, Synergy 2, Synergy H1, Synergy H1m, Synergy H4, Synergy HTX, Synergy Mx, Synergy Neo

Luminescence Test Plate


NIST-traceable luminescence test plate, for use with all Cytation and Synergy (except Synergy HT) readers. Requires corresponding Product Qualification Package or updated User's Manual to operate.


  • NIST-traceability certificate included, guarantees a controlled light output from the test plate
  • Simple design, easy to use: just turn the plate on, and read the ultra-stable, low light level LEDs
  • Includes spare battery

Instructions for use are included in the instrument Operator’s Manuals (available for download on BioTek's Customer Resource Center). For a complete set of instructions, pre-programmed test protocols and logbooks, complete qualification procedures are also available from BioTek.

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Accessory pricing is U.S. list. Local pricing may vary.