Meet the BioTek China Team

BioTek China provides our complete line of high quality, innovative microplate instrumentation direct in China. We are committed to providing our customers with superior customer service and support. Contact us today so that we can personally assist you with your microplate instrumentation needs.


Beijing Office

Danny Luo Alina Ai Dongping Guo Julia Zhao Alan Gao Nick Ren Jirong Wang Nancy She

Danny Luo
General Manager

Alina Ai
National Sales Manager

Dongping Guo
Marketing Manager

Julia Zhao
Office Manager

Alan Gao
Area Manager

Nick Ren
Account Manager

Jirong Wang
Senior Customer Representative

Nancy She
Senior Customer Representative

Guanzhou Wang Xianyi Zhang Chunyang Song Likun Wu Wei Liu Xiudan Zhan Zikai Chen Lian Xie

 Guanzhou Wang
Product Manager

Xianyi Zhang
Application Specialist

 Chunyang Song
North China Service Supervisor

Likun Wu
Service Engineer

Wei Liu
Account Manager

Xiudan Zhan
Product Specialist

Zikai Chen
Service Engineer

Lian Xie
Administrative Supervisor

 BioTek China Beijing Office
Room 303, Tower D, Ocean International Center
62 Middle 4th East Ring Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100025, P.R. China
Tel. +86 (10) 85865569  |  Fax +86 (10) 85861829  |


Shanghai Office

Danny Luo Avie Zhang Macy Xu Xinwu Liu Zhan Taisong Lingyun Bao Kai Wang Jingzhe Yang

Danny Luo
Chief Representative

Avie Zhang
Service Manager & Shanghai Regional Manager

Macy Xu
Administrative Supervisor

Xinwu Liu
Senior Customer Representative

 Peter Zhan
Senior Customer Representative

Lingyun Bao
Senior Customer Representative

Kai Wang
Senior Application Scientist

 Jingzhe Yang
Product Manager

Zhiran Wang Xiaohui Yu            

Zhiran Wang
Service Engineer

Xiaohui Yu
Service Engineer


BioTek China Shanghai Office
Room 505, Tower 2, Kaixin International Plaza
1299 Zhangheng Road, Pudong New District
Shanghai 201203, P.R. China
Tel: +86 (021) 50435800  |  Fax: +86 (021) 50435810